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Screenplay Signing Day

Unsolicited screenplays are delivered to our Telegram mailroom for consideration in a single 24 hour period approximately once every 3 months on the official first day of every calendar season.


Throughout the year INTERDEPENDENT Production Assistants and some of our top READERS actively search Coverfly and solicit submissions from writers hoping to fall in love with a good script.

If they do, they share it with everyone. Those that also decide to recommend the same screenplay share voice notes with each other giving their opinions and seeding exciting and passion for the project. See our .

We only consider feedback from those that have already made a decision to RECOMMEND a screenplay."Screenplay Signing Day" event creates a clear and consistent start to INTERDEPENDENT's production cycle that begins each season with the open submission of screenplays FOR PREVIEW CONSIDERATION. All accepted screenplays are posted in INTERDEPENDENT's Telegram mailroom for READERS to RECOMMEND for to EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS. The opening of the submission window for the current Studio 0 is now closed. It began on September 22, 2023 at 11:50 PM in Los Angeles and coincided with the official start of the new calendar season at the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere. Studio 1 submissions will officially open the day Studio 0 PREVIEWS are green-lit.

  • Screenplay submission marks the official start of a Studio
  • Everyone starts in our Telegram mailroom
  • READERS RECOMMEND screenplays for production

The Status Quo in HOLLYWOOD

Financial decisions related to investment in a Hollywood film by traditional studios and independent producers spending larger and larger sums of money eventually comes around to a discussion of why you need to have one or more of the following to make a big movie these days:

  • A Pre-awareness Title: Think sequels, based on a bestseller, comic book superheroes, etc. Any pre-branded brand that can attract a pre-determined audience.
  • A Name Director: Having someone with a track record at the helm investors can trust.
  • A Star Attachment: Investors need someone to sell the picture that people will recognize. They need some assurance you can put butts in seats or eyeballs on screens before financing production.

Basically, anything is possible, but getting an original screenplay from an unknown writer/director without star attachments studio support in HOLLYWOOD is difficult to say the least.

Upgrade to HOLLYWOOD 3.0

The idea of a HOLLYWOOD version 3.0 is taken from the concept of today's internet. Web 3.0, also known as Web3, is the third generation of the World Wide Web. Web 3.0 is meant to be decentralized, open to everyone and use a bottom-up design. Rather than being written and controlled by a small group of experts, the code was created in full view of everyone, enabling maximum participation and experimentation.

These Web 3.0 concepts applied to HOLLYWOOD results in the emergence of HOLLYWOOD 3.0, and INTERDEPENDENT Pictures delivering maximum participation and experimentation in show business globally.

MAXIMUM PARTICATION - INTERDEPENDENT is open to everyone. Everyone is a READER, and anyone can submit a screenplay, audition for a part, be attached as DIRECTOR, become an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER investor or partner behind the scenes in any role on a production.

MAXIMUM EXPERIMENTATION - Every INTERDEPENDENT Picture is recommended by an audience of READERS, funded by an audience of EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, and ultimately green-lit by CINEASTES after watching a coming attraction PREVIEW and purchasing premiere tickets before the FEATURE is produced. Armed with the knowledge that a paying audience exists for a film before the FEATURE has been made means we no longer need to rely on OLD HOLLYWOOD decision making for financing from our film fund:

  • Pre-awareness Titles: Pre-awareness is created for every production by involving the audience directly in the screenplay recommendation and FEATURE green-lighting process with predictable box office results.
  • Name Directors: A trailer/PREVIEW is a miniature experience of the film for viewers and investors alike, giving even a first time DIRECTOR the opportunity to prove their investment-worthiness.
  • Star Attachments: Finding the right person for the part is all that matters as we discover talent together in our open online casting sessions designed to deliver audiences more breakthrough performances, while building a base of support for every ACTOR cast by engaging a wide audience in the casting process as well.
"Read a screenplay and RECOMMEND it for production, or buy a ticket to PREVIEW FEST to support its premiere! More people will have the opportunity to make their movie if you do.”


Studio 0

Ground zero.

We're just getting started. Without an audience for our films, nothing is guaranteed.


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