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We've hatched a plan to make and show movies filmmakers are passionate about that audiences have told us they want to see get made. We are currently working on delivering our first feature this way. If you'd like to play your part email our

What to do

Sort Submissions

Read screenplays for consideration in our Telegram mailroom


Make Decisions

Invest time or money in the movie of your choice.


Know Your Role

Understand the deal and the role you have to play.


Become Attached

On projects you love, commit to play your part in production.


When to start

We host a regular series of pre-production, production, and post-production and studio events on Plots. This includes everything from screenplay submission and signing events, to live and remote auditions, networking, ceremonial and celebratory events for attaching producers, directors, cast & crew.

Where it all comes together

The release of every one of our movies will begin in the homes and hometown theaters of the studio and production team. INTERDEPENDENT members will host live streamed in-person watch party events simultaneously around the world, and sell tickets to these events to the public exclusively on Plots. Everyone, including cast & crew and their friends and family will see the film for the first time together in this special "avant-première" experience. Friends of INTERDEPENDENT on Plots can also request to be approved to co-host an "avant premiere" event alongside studio and production members. You must have the Plots iOS app to request to become a co-host.

A journey of self discovery

Join the movement to upgrade show business to HOLLYWOOD 3.0

Frequently asked questions

For any other questions, you can click here to contact us

Who profits from INTERDEPENDENT Pictures?
What do OpenAI’s Sora and other text-to-video models mean to INTERDEPENDENT?
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Merch with purpose

All proceeds benefit the premiere of Studio 1 and Studio 1 Productions as a CATALYST crowdfunding contribution.

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