Studio 1

Signing 9.22.23 | Premiering FALL 2024

About the STUDIO

Studio 1 will finance, develop, produce and distribute a slate of live action feature films for release to an international network of home theaters through, and play on-demand to traditional cinemas around the world before streaming at

Every picture will begin with a completed spec screenplay contributed in exchange for equity, have a PREVIEW played before a global audience to green-light  FEATURE production, and premiere  to INTERDEPENDENT CINEASTES theatrically before anyone else.

See Roles for more details. To find your next production now get to work in our Telegram mailroom

The four stages are

  • FYC | FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION | 9.22.23 - 10.6.23 - Screenplays sorted by READERS for signing
  • FYPC | FOR YOUR PREVIEW CONSIDERATION | 10.6.23 - 12.21.23 - Advancing screenplays to PREVIEW production
  • FYFC | FOR YOUR FEATURE CONSIDERATION | WINTER 2023 - PREVIEW production. 3.19.24 PREVIEW Premiere to CINEASTES for feature approval.
  • FYSC | FOR YOUR SHOWTIME CONSIDERATION | SPRING - SUMMER 2024 - FEATURE Production 9.22.24 Worldwide Red Carpet Premiere Event

We are a partnership of passionate artists

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